vSphere 5 vRam Licensing Changes

When VMware released the vRam pricing models and limits last week there was quite an uproar over the limitations being set to low.  It appears that VMware was listening and has responded with a hefty increase in vRam allocations.

vSphere edition

Previous vRAM entitlement

New vRAM entitlement

vSphere Enterprise+

48 GB

96 GB

vSphere Enterprise

32 GB

64 GB

vSphere Standard

24 GB

32 GB

vSphere Essentials+

24 GB

32 GB

vSphere Essentials

24 GB

32 GB

Free vSphere Hypervisor

8 GB

32 GB*


That is nearly double the entitlements.

Also changing is how the usage is calculated for a high water mark (think bursting for a day) to a rolling 12 month average!

Finally the last news and some major news at that, is that a single VM can only consume 96GB of vRam, no matter how you set the VM up!  (i.e. give a VM 1TB of RAM but only have 96GB count against the vRam pool!)